MagPlasma at a glance....

MagPlasma is a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with a primary business focus on employing plasma processes to replace conventional thermal heating in a variety of applications. These applications range from airborne and surface disinfection to novel manufacturing techniques. Plasmas provide the high energy needed for disinfection without harming sensitive materials, and also enable many chemical manufacturing processes to operate at a lower temperature and faster feed rate than conventional processing methods. Using plasmas in manufacturing also enhances our ability to tailor key product features to produce higher value products at a lower cost.

Contagion Disinfection and Purification

MagPlasma is currently commercializing two plasma-based disinfection devices. One is a mobile plasma device (the BZAP) for air purification that captures and disinfects exhaled contagions before they can build to a contagious dosage. The BZAP (Breathing Zone Air Purification) reduces active contagions by 99.9999% (6-log reduction) in a single pass through the plasma generator. While this device is currently being developed for use in vehicles, it can also be used in fixed facilities and other stationary applications.

Our second plasma disinfection device is a plasma autoclave that can disinfect sensitive materials, electronics, and optics that cannot withstand high temperatures or corrosive disinfectant chemicals. The device works at ambient temperatures and low pressure.

Material Activation and Regeneration

For manufacturing, MagPlasma is applying plasmas to replace conventional heating in processes that activate surfaces and regenerate adsorption media. Plasma processing replaces thermal processes (i.e., conventional heating) enabling faster processing, lower energy consumption, and the ability to tailor surface properties. For sorbent regeneration, the MagPlasma process can be used to replace thermal heating in temperature swing adsorption processes (TSA).