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Our Story

We started MagPlasma to provide new materials and systems for air and water purification. Our team's experience in development and commercialization of novel processes has led us to focus primarily on developing advanced, activated carbons and on air removal and disinfection devices for various contagions such as COVID-19. Our use of plasma systems improves product/system performance while reducing energy usage and reliance on fossil resources. We are continuing to leverage our team experience in applying We are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable development.

Meet the Leadership Team

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Martin Toomajian P.E.


Our CEO, Mr. Martin Toomajian, P.E., brings over 30 years of business leadership and process engineering to MagPlasma. Prior to joining MagPlasma, he mentored start-up companies and growth company CEOs, was CEO of a specialty chemical manufacturing company, and President of a $250M annual R&D business. In addition to his business acumen, he applies his engineering expertise to lead MagPlasma's product development. He is a U.S. Army veteran specializing in chemical/biological warfare defensive measures.

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Dr. Spence Pugh

Board Member-R&D Committee

Dr. Spencer Pugh is Board member and leads our R&D committee. Dr. Pugh is an executive with 35 years of experience in technology development, product commercialization, and business management.  He is the Principal of Prospect Ridge Consulting, LLC, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Innovation Research Interchange (IRI).  Most recently, he was Vice-President, Research and Development, for Michelman, a specialty chemical company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.   His global R&D team developed coatings and additives for printing, packaging, and composite applications.


Meet the Leadership Team

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Jane Cozzarelli, CPA

CFO and Board Member- Finance Committee

Ms. Jane Cozzarelli brings over 30 years experience leading company finance and accounting operations. Prior to joining MagPlasma, she served as CFO for multiple organizations. In addition to her financial acumen, she is an experienced corporate auditor and was previously the VP of Corporate Internal Audit for a large, R&D company. Ms. Cozzarelli has an MBA and is a Certified Public Accountant.

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Meet the Operations Team

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Kevin Hawley

Director of Operations

Mr. Hawley brings over 25 years of chemical process development and scale-up including multiple technology starts in Asia and Africa. His expertise includes production of high purity metal organics for semi-conductors; scale-up of multiple and product transitions; and operations change management. At MagPlasma, Kevin leads our process scale-up and improvement and leads our operations teams.

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Dr. Tim Moore

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Moore brings over 30 years of RDTE program experience across federal, military, academic and commercial sectors. His expertise includes commercialization of biological systems, nutritional supplements, and probiotics. He is a U.S. Army veteran specializing in chemical/biological warfare defensive measures.

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